Weaver ProAir™ Livestock Blower (Black)



Why lug around two livestock blowers, a cart and multiple attachments when you can have the air speeds of two blowers in one lightweight, compact, user-friendly unit? After three years of engineering, input from industry experts and rigorous testing, we're proud to present a livestock blower that meets the evolving needs of stock show families. With faster drying speeds, cooler running temps, less energy consumption and significant space savings, the ProAir™ Livestock Blower will blow you away with its exceptional performance.

Product Details

  • Lightweight, flexible blower hose and nozzle make ProAir one of the best livestock blowers in the industry for young exhibitors
  • Engineered for optimal power and tested by an independent lab to have a higher air exit velocity than double blower systems on the market
  • Specialty nozzle delivers an accurate, concentrated, high-velocity stream of air for fast drying
  • Filter protected air inlets prevent circulation of dust and debris to shield internal components
  • Designed to produce cooler air to prevent your animal from overheating during drying
  • Whether you're searching for a cattle blower, a goat blower or a sheep blower, the ProAir livestock blower delivers optimal performance in just 1.5 cubic feet of space
  • Assembled in the USA; Patent No. 11,156,229

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